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Jeep® Off-Road Driving Academy
Open year-round, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort’s Jeep® Off-Road Driving Academy allows guests to test their
driving skills on 20 miles of rugged terrain. The explorations begin on the field test course which prepares
participants for the numerous obstacles they will find on our off-road trails.
Hold on tight because the Driving Academy is solely designed to maximize the impressive off-road capabilities
of each vehicle. Muddy ponds, precarious side slopes, steep inclines and vertical ledges are experienced in the
wooded terrain of the Laurel Highlands. By the end of your class, you will have learned that there definitely are
no dead ends in Nemacolin’s Jeep® Off-Road Driving Academy.
Each class is 1.5 hours in length. However, if you’re brave enough, additional hours are available. Vehicles can
accommodate four guests and one instructor.
Get ready to get dirty with one of our most adventurous teambuilding activities. The activity begins with an
Instruction Class which provides an introduction to driving the off-road vehicles. After the introduction course,
each participant gets the opportunity to drive the off-road vehicle through miles of wooded trails. There will be
hidden stops along the way for group challenges. Hidden Challenges may include: Animal Academia • Archery •
Paintball • Fishing • Clay Shooting • Crater Challenge • Longest Drive • Driving Duo.
For additional information, please contact our Group Sales Department at 724.329.6154.
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