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Teamwork is the key to success in today’s competitive marketplace. Our customized teambuilding programs
help our clients realize that experience is the only true teacher. Each of our programs focus on the fact that
when team members learn to show support, care and encouragement for each other, it builds strength for your
Discover new areas of the resort as your team traverses the 2,000 acres and races against the other teams on
your way to completing many tasks. Navigate our beautiful property by foot as you solve and complete your
challenges. In order to complete the chase, your team must participate in a variety of activities ranging from the
50’ climbing wall, to a centipede shuffle or a mind blowing ride down our zip lines. These tasks will challenge
you both physically and mentally. Remember to never give up on the chase! Activities may vary.
Different from your traditional paintball game, this high energy, fast paced teambuilding event tackles a military
approach with a focus on teambuilding, strategic planning, leadership and problem solving. This event is
designed to be customized to your group’s needs. Choices of scenarios include: Apocalypse Now • Wounded
Hostage • Custard’s Last Stand • Civil War Game • Capture The Flag.
The Nemacolin Survivor Series focuses on teamwork, creative thinking and trust. Groups are split into teams.
The scenario for this event is as follows: while traveling, your plane crashed near a lake in the middle of nowhere.
The nearest civilization is hundreds of miles away. You have no cell phone service and food is limited. A handful
of items have been salvaged from the wreck. As a team you will have fifteen minutes to decide on only ten
items that you will take with you. You must keep all of your items with you at all times as you will need to utilize
them for different tasks that must be completed in order to survive. During the tasks, if you find that you need
something that you don’t have, you can use anything that is NOT man-made. The team with the most points
at the end wins the Survivor Series. Event tasks include: Fast Fire • Overnight Shelter • Boat Challenge •
Archery • Fishing • Water Wrap-Up.
Face your fear, discover how to react to it and how it all relates to the workplace in our High Altitude Challenge.
This activity can also be done as a teambuilding event with debriefing on the events from our experienced
facilitators. The following activities are included:
• The 40’ Canopy Tour – Climb atop our 40’ ropes course along with instructors and traverse through 11 different
obstacles and zip lines. Teammates are encouraged to support, suggest and challenge each other through each
obstacle. Also, available on our 20’ ropes course.
• Zip Lines - If the 40’ Canopy Tour wasn’t enough, experience a true adrenaline rush as you sour down our Zip
Lines - first line is an exhilarating 2,000 feet, the second line is a thrilling 1,500 feet followed by a chairlift ride
back to the top.
• The Wall – Come face-to-face with one of the tallest climbing walls on the East Coast and conquer any of
the 12 separate routes on your choice of three sides. Verbal support and praise from teammates is highly
recommended in this challenge.
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