Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Planner Guide - page 26

Audio Visual Equipment & Services
From the simplest slide projector to complex video projection, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort’s Audio Visual
Team offers you the finest professional meeting and convention service. We will assist you in equipment
selection, choosing exactly the right systems for your event. As members of your meeting team, we will
conserve your valuable time as we routinely double check both our planning and our equipment.
We employ an experienced uniformed staff of professional technicians trained in all aspects of projection, video,
audio and lighting available for your meeting. Please note that equipment will be placed in your meeting room
only with specific instructions from the group’s conference facilitator.
• Meeting Support Equipment
• Projection Equipment and Screens
• Audio Equipment and Accessories
• Video Equipment
• Video Computer Projection and Accessories
• Lighting
• Internet Access and Dedicated Wireless
• Standard Phone and Direct Inward Phone Lines
• Printers, Copier and Laptops
For more detailed information about our Audio Visual offerings, please contact our Group Sales Department at
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